The Alchemy Journal

Vol.14 No.1 (2018)

  • Nosa Orobaton
  • Timothy A Wilkerson
  • Gabriel Quinn Maroney
  • Karl von Eckartshausen
  • Jim Baldwin
  • Dennis William Hauck


A Short Treatise on the Alkahest of Paracelsus - Dr. Nosa Orobaton
Astrology in the Laboratory - Timothy. A. Wilkerson
Arcanum Djinn: Angelic Magic as Modern Medicine (Part 2: The Emerald Ouroboros) - Gabriel Quinn Maroney
Original Prayers by Alchemists: Two Prayers for Alchemists - Karl von Eckartshausen
Secrets - J. Baldwin
Alchemy astrology: Super Moons Bring In Astrologically Active Year - 2018 - Timothy. A. Wilkerson
Modern Alchemy Book Reviews - Dennis William Hauck (The Other Mind’s Eye: Gateway to the Hidden Treasures of Your Mind  by Allen Sargent and The Marriage of Sense and Soul by Ken Wilbur)

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