IMPORTANT news regarding the Alchemy Journal website


Dear members of the Alchemy Journal,

We are sorry to inform you that as a result of a recent software upgrade on our servers, the Alchemy journal website has been offline. For this, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

After many hours of work trying to fix the problem, we have finally been able to get back online. Even so, we are still experiencing some issues with the website regarding document submissions and downloads. 

As such, for the time being, we encouage any of you who wish to submit an article for consideration of inclusion in the journal to do so directly to us using the email:, rather than use the website submission service.

Additionally, those of you wishing to view/download back issues of the Alchemy Journal (2008 onwards) can use the following links:








We thank you all for your consideration and patience at this time, and we will, of course, be back in touch once the website regains full functionality once more.

Kind regards,

The Alchemy Journal Team